Pharmacist at intake: Learn the workflow that sets you free
Date & Time
Saturday, November 4, 2023, 3:30 PM - 4:25 PM
Carlene Oleksyn Christopher Juozaitis Jim Danahy Eric Kosiuk


Learn the proven workflow that takes the chaos out of the dispensary and creates the time for full-scope pharmacy practice, increases profit, and lets you fall in love with your career all over again. Pharmacist-at-Intake is the world’s only model that frees up to 7 additional hours a day for each pharmacist to provide patient-facing care, including prescribing.

Learn how the surprisingly simple process transformed two independent pharmacies, by creating the time for pharmacists to work full-time deepening patient relationships, delivering research-proven better patient outcomes, sustaining profitable growth and maintaining happy, stable teams with low turnover and high job satisfaction for more than a decade.

Join a free-flowing conversation with Carlene Oleksyn, Chris Juozaitis and Jim Danahy, and ask anything about how the work flows in both large and small volume community pharmacies, the new math of labour costs, your new #1 source of profit growth, and more!

We invite you to challenge us if you think your existing workflow should not, or cannot change. And in return, we promise to respectfully share more than a decade of real world experience on how this workflow not only delivers better clinical and financial results, it is a fresh, simpler way to run a pharmacy that makes the quality of life of every employee better, less stressful, and more relaxed every day, from the first day you implement it. We can also offer examples of how it gives you more capacity and resilience to face the headwinds that are causing widespread burnout among so many pharmacy professionals.

Sponsored by: Viatris

Location Name
Fairview 4-5
Full Address
JW Marriott Parq Vancouver
39 Smithe St
4th Floor - Conference Level
Vancouver BC V6B 0R3