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Jim Danahy
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Jim Danahy has been designing workflow and profit improvement processes for pharmacies for 25 years. In January of 2013, Jim delivered the keynote address at Pharmacy U sharing a unique relationship between the most effective interventions for clinical patient outcomes and the profitability of community pharmacies. A few weeks later he partnered with Chris Juozaitis of Howe Sound Pharmacy, and a group of colleagues to form AdhereRx Inc. The group began to measure and codify how Howe Sound Pharmacy’s new pharmacist-at-intake workflow was starting to generate remarkable results since it launched a year earlier. The team turned the insights into licensed support programs and a professional training curriculum that has been used to help hundreds of pharmacists across North and South America including licensing of Sobey’s pharmacies to train more than 3,000 professionals in advanced medication management processes. In 2016 AdhereRx acquired 50% of Howe Sound Pharmacy.

AdhereRx also collaborates with universities, industry organizations and advises professionals as far away as Australia, New Zealand and the UK. Jim continues to enjoy an 8-year relationship as a keynote speaker and advisor to the industry associations, academics and pharmacy regulators in Brazil. Jim and the AdhereRx team provided operational and financial advice for the most recent milestone on May 1st 2023, when government authorized and provided first-ever funding for community pharmacies to deliver a range of pharmacy services including labs, point of care testing and a comprehensive array of vaccinations. After one month, more than 20,000 pharmacies were participating across the country.

Danahy is co-developer of the proposed C.A.R. adherence measurement standard (Clinical Adherence Ratio, poster published in CPJ 2014) and AdherenceTRACK©, the first solution to accurately measure continuous adherence and provide clinical guidance to pharmacists in community settings.

A second generation pharmacy owner originally from Ontario, Jim has worked with pharmacies in every province and territory and been a co-owner of Howe Sound Pharmacy in BC and an independent pharmacy/specialty IV infusion clinic in New Brunswick. He makes his home in Saint John NB.

He was the founding Director of The Centre of Excellence in Retail Leadership in the Schulich Executive Education Centre at Toronto’s York University, which has trained hundreds of leaders from Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart and other organizations. Jim co-created Pharmasave’s original “Live Well” business strategy and marketing campaign in the 1990’s, named the Remedy’sRx brand, advised on that company’s start-up in 2006, and led a team that designed the SIMPL© brand and simplcare.com medication management program & compliance packaging that has been running in Rubicon Pharmacies since 2015 (now Neighbourly Pharmacy). He led a team that did valuations and acquisitions of more than 300 pharmacies across the United States for the 2,500-store Revco DS company based in Ohio (now part of CVS).

For today’s session, Jim will support Carlene and Chris’s owner-clinician points of view, with some key financials and international insights into why the pharmacist-at-intake workflow is so transformative.
Jim Danahy