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Kristen Watt
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Speaker Bio
Kristen Watt, the owner of Kristen’s Pharmacy in Southampton Ontario practices innovative Community Pharmacy by moving the Pharmacist out of the dispensary and into an office to maximize patient care. A graduate of the University of Toronto, Kristen has worked in chain, big box and independent Community Pharmacy before a period as a Long Term Care Clinical Consultant. Believing that all Pharmacy is clinical Pharmacy, in 2017 Kristen opened her own independent Pharmacy with an eye on the medication experience of the patient. Kristen works closely with her community to improve the health of her patients – from HRT and mental health to the newly minted minor ailments and all things COVID. Kristen believes Pharmacists should be working to their full scope as clinicians in all settings and looks forward to a bright future in Community Pharmacy. Outside of Pharmacy, Kristen is found at the rink cheering on her two sons.
Kristen Watt